JacStar in a nutshell

I am not your average Blogger, just someone with a loads of life experience and an attitude which is willing to share some personal stories.  There isn’t much profit to experience what life brings and not learn from it and since it is viewed differently in retrospect, here are some of my reflections.

Check back every Wednesday and Sunday for something new – or different. This blog consists of posts by a woman who pursues a recalcitrant lifestyle, loves to study online business and lives by her own ideals. I devote as much time as possible to learning ways to make an income through Internet Marketing and Blogging. I seek information on Niches specifically Personal Branding, I have desires to make at least one Brand out of some of the many ideas I have.

I have a vested interest in the world and current events and I would love to be able to make a difference to this beautiful planet before I leave!

I love people and seek to ‘collect’ new friends all the time. Through my social interactions in general as well as networking I hope to meet as many new people who will enhance my life and the content that I provide.

My travels are a small part of my life journey and none of them are recent enough to describe here. I am endlessly, looking for ways to change that and have Ireland and Europe on my immediate list.

I have been described as many things but these are some of them:

*Life Enthusiast

*Risk Taker

*Rock Star (in the lifestyle sense)

*Box Ticker

*Art Lover


*Dancing Queen

*Lynch Pin

Some things that I dont want to be or be known as:

*Has been

*Wanna be



All of the above descriptions are blog topics in themselves and through regular writing and expression I believe I can create some interesting and informative reading for those who follow me…


Standing on the starting blocks

My head is spinning with information at the moment….

The how, what and why of setting up my future as an Online Internet Marketing Guru is all in place in my head; yet it seems so difficult to implement! I have been reading all day and have come a bit closer to some decisions about the direction I need.

Put simply, I need to decide whether or not I follow one of the Lifestyle Creation sites or stick to doing it all on my own! Money money money… when it comes in, I know it won’t have the hold on me that the lack of it does!

Am I happy with that? Well No; of course not! It has however, been a choice I have made over the past 18 months in order to find my new direction and create my inevitable success!

I have had all that before… success, money, credibility and a big fat JOB! I have learned a lot and lost a lot so I am here to kick my own butt and get things back on track. I have many creative talents and in some ways, that is what has held me from getting on with it! Being decisive is not easy for a procrastinating, multi talented, creative Libran woman with loads of ideas!

I will repost over the weekend when I have had the chance to summarise my brain from today’s reading. Enjoy your Friday whatever it is to you…


Would’a, Should’a, Could’a!

So here we go… my first real blog post. I don’t want to end up saying to myself that I ‘Would’a’ been successful but I really ‘Should’a’ done something and then I ‘Could’a’ had anything!

I feel like there are so many directions to take when it comes to starting out online so it has been a long winded decision process. That said, I feel like kicking my own butt for waiting but I really thought that there would be one ‘thing’ that is all encompassing and provide all the ingredients for a new online empire that is MINE!

I follow several blogs on facebook and twitter and am a particular fan of the Lifestyle Design Project http://thelifedesignproject.com and Exhile Lifestyle http://3rdeducation.com/ I find their journey of success along with their trials and tribulations of minimalist living (whilst blogging their way to greatness) is great to read and its great to bear witness to the personal growth going on with these guys!

It is my goal to radically transform my life in the next 12 months and this is where its all going to take place! I feel like I have had my story written for ages and I have been looking for the vehicle to catapult my success through the cyber waves of the Universe, all the way to the bank!! Well maybe not quite 😮

To-ing and Fro-ing with ideas and opportunities and ebooks, reports, ezines, emails and memberships I have got to a point of confusion about where to start and how to implement everything in one place…. I recently started receiving emails about ‘Information Overload’ and Yes! I relate!

So here I am with many visions and creative ideas writing my first blog. I have spent much time wondering which visions need to become foreseeable and which ideas I should run with first…. meanwhile it’s almost Christmas again! I recognised that the only thing stopping me was me, so I just had to get started and blog away. After starting this thing in March and doing nothing on it since its ridiculous. I know that I need to learn a lot more about blogging and Internet Marketing to fullfil my goals so I hope it’s going to be a meandering through resources and some quick successes!

The thing is, that the rest of the content is unscripted!

I have so many avenues of interest that I can develop as good content so my biggest conundrum is the how, what, why of providing interesting and creative content that people like to read! Many friends have told me to just blog my life and it will be a best seller, so I think I will just let it flow and who knows where this first blog will end up!

If I had $1 for every time I have read something like that; I would probably be Exploiting my Passport somewhere very exciting right now! Please note the intention to ‘Exploit’ my Passport!!

A little about me, I live in beautiful Sydney, Australia and when I say live I mean live! (More on that later) At 43, I am lucky to have a pretty Bohemian lifestyle; though some would call it many other names but I am comfortable with that one! Hehe… Having said that, it is not paying the bills very well so I need to make some drastic efforts to get an income stream or 10!

Back to that money making content…  I know this will be flowing when I get my head around the should do’s and dont’s and then it wont be a problem! So to sum it up; I want to create several streams of income from dedicating all my working hours to making a living online. I will achieve this through blogging on a regular basis, learning from others who have gone before me by participating in forums (which I have never done to date) etc, establishing money making opportunities and developing professional business relationships through Affiliate Marketing and anything else that will generate popularity or product growth..

OMG… It even sounds like I know what I am talking about!! Well let me tell you a secret, I know more about the jargon than I do about the ‘how’ it works and how that equates to money… but apparently; that need not matter! All I know is that it does matter and I intend to find out why!

Enough waffle from me for now… I will go in search of good reading to monetize this page asap… I can’t wait until my life sounds like a well oiled machine!

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Waking the Star!

Talk about a work in progress… That is how I feel about the online business that I have been talking about starting for at least 2 years. I have read and researched as much as I can about SEO, MLM, Tweeting, IM strategies, blogging, you name it! I have also been ripped off like most people who are keen to make a living online and I guess the only mistake I made is that I didn’t started writing sooner.

Blurred decisions

'Blurred Decisions'

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